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uc32a controller

Remote Monitoring and Control Systems (RMCS). At the heart of our systems is the new 32 bit programmable controller, with 8 Universal Inputs, 8 Uniput channels, 8 Uniput + Relay channels (A uniput can be configured as an input or output). Up to 64 separate datalogs with 1023 entries per datalog. The controllers can be networked together to provide unlimited data monitoring and system controlling capacity. Each controller has a stand alone capability and is an intelligent unit in its own right. Data is transferred from site to a locally connected PC and/or to a remote PC via modem link. A new Web based solution can also provide monitoring and control access at a low cost from existing web browsers.

The software can be adapted to meet client's requirements and preferences including graphical representation of site layouts and plant. Real time, historical, archived and depolarisation data can all be be viewed using the PC interface. Depolarisation and instant off routines can all be carried out automatically at the click of a button. Following the completion of these routines the data can be viewed in graphical format using the data log manager program or in tabular format by importing it into a spreadsheet such as MS Excel.

Amongst the powerful interrogation and diagnostics tools provided with the software there are also the automatic reports - which downloads all data logs from site for permanent storage on hard disk, and Alarm monitoring which can be setup to send a text message of a critical alarm condition to key personnel.

Whatever your requirements our Engineers can design any number of configurations of networked systems to meet the demand of remotely monitored and controlled CP systems. Contact Us if you wish to discuss your remote monitoring and control system requirements for any Cathodic Protection application.

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